Knowledge Workshop Programme

So you would like your school class or chosen group to come and visit us? Well, that is no problem! You can contact us directly for further information and for an overview of our range of courses.

You can make a group booking or attend as a school class for career orientation (according to the age group of class). At the end of the career orientation course, the young people will receive a course participation certificate, which can be then be added to their CV’s and included in a job application.

Please email us with your full name, specifying the title and date of the course that you wish to attend at the following email address:

Parking. Due to the ongoing building work alongside our building we are currently unable to offer any visitor parking. Alternative parking can found at the Graf Zeppelin Haus car park, or the underground parking garage at Friedrichshafen Station.



The Knowledge Workshop will

  • seek to ignite and awaken an interest and enthusiasm in technology
  • provide an experience which will assist the participant in making informed career choices
  • offer all children and young people in the Bodensee-Oberschwaben region an in-depth practical experience of the working world, which will also complement the theoretical teaching given in schools, therefore stimulating an interest in the world of technology.
  • also contribute to the future recruitment needs of the local and regional industries by discovering future businessmen and women, craftsmen and women, technicians and engineers.


Youth Development

The Bodensee region Oberschwaben is characterised by its development and production of high quality technical products which are in high demand worldwide. In order to maintain these standards we need to find new talent to continue this work.

Any young person choosing to embark on a technical apprenticeship or to study a technical degree course will benefit from excellent career prospects in this region. The Knowledge Workshop whilst working together with local firms, aims to provide training courses for young people. As well as highlighting potential career opportunities in the region, we will also assist with the establishing of relationships between the course participants and the local firms and industries in our region.


The Knowledge Workshop’s proposal is

  • to enable you to experience the phenomenon of natural science and technology.
  • to facilitate you in carrying out your own experiments and tests in a spacious area of 450 square metres, based on the 2nd floor of the same building as the main post office in Friedrichshafen, and which houses a mechanical workshop and includes a metal & woodworking machinery, and also contains a laboratory where you can experiment with physics, electrotechnology and control engineering.

The children and young people can themselves carry out experiments and have the opportunity to experience and to recognise the marvels of natural science and technology. Furthermore the new found knowledge will immediately be put into practice by having the opportunity to work on real life products.

We will provide you with the understanding of the technical phenomenon which will be established by working under test conditions at the Knowledge Workshop.

Whilst using products from our local region and industries as the central focus we also will also concentrate our attention on the primary theme of land, water and air mobility.

During the carrying out of experiments, and the building and construction of products, the children and young people will be supported and guided by technical experts from local companies in the region, who will facilitate their technical achievements.




As a non profit organisation the Knowledge Workshop is dependent upon the support of our sponsors.

The Knowledge Workshop proposes to orientate the children and young people toward the technical range of products designed and manufactured by local regional industries, and will help them to understand the technical process of producing these products, and their practical relevance within local companies.

It is therefore the Knowledge Workshop’s endeavour to work in partnership with local industries and with the association of skilled technicians in the area.

We would be very happy to discuss any future opportunities to work in cooperation with companies in this field and would welcome any tentative enquiries.

ZF Friedrichshafen AG

Stadt Friedrichshafen

Association of German Engineers
(Verein Deutscher Ingenieure)




The Knowledge Workshop is a nonprofit organization.
Members are:

ZF Friedrichshafen AG

Stadt Friedrichshafen

Association of German Engineers
(Verein Deutscher Ingenieure)


Duale Hochschule


Chamber of Commerce, Ulm
(Handwerkskammer Ulm)

Chamber of Commerce & Industry
(IHK Bodensee/Oberschwaben)

Karl-Heinz Mommertz


The Knowledge Workshop is dependent on donations as a charitable organization.

As a non-profit organisation the Wissenswerkstatt is dependant on charitable donations. We are always looking for new and interesting projects to offer young people and children, and would also welcome any new sponsors in the areas of industry, engineering and craftsmanship. We are not only reliant on financial support, but would also gladly receive donations in the form of project related machinery and equipment.

LACON Marketing GmbH

Holstein Media


Robert Vöhringer

Dipl.-Ing. (FH), BEng
Company Director 
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Michael Fährmann

Metal Industry Technician
Workshop Supervisor & Qualified Youth an Children´s Worker
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Monika Martin

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Margit Braun

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Oliver Knapp

Dipl.-Geogr., OStR
Teacher - Karl-Maybach Gymnasium

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Markus Alle

Teacher - Karl-Maybach Gymnasium

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Fabian Korn

Voluntary Work
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